Wednesday 31 October 2018


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1. There are seven sets of ROLL & READ SIGHT WORDS MAT and ROLL, READ & WRITE GAME.

2. These sight words are based on the ENGLISH LANGUAGE CEFR PRESCHOOL SIGHT WORDS LIST.

3. Teachers can start preparing for 2019 & parents can use these during the school holidays too.

3. Teachers can choose to print both the mat & the tasksheet or just one depending on your lesson objectives

4. For Roll & Read Mat, teacher can print out for group activities where pupils take turn to roll the dice and say out the words accordingly.

5. As for the Roll, Read & Write tasksheet, teachers can print out for individual task or for a group task. Individually, pupils will get a dice each and roll, read & write based on the colour for the word. Indirectly, they will learning and revising about colours too.

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