Tuesday 17 October 2017


Olla people! It's the holiday week! If the kids are already hogging the gadgets, then let's make it meaningful, shall we?

In schools, phonics is the very first thing that pupils learn. If they do not practice it, then it would be difficult for them to read. With the CEFR-aligned syllabus next year that focuses a lot on communication, it would be better to get our kids prepared. As a national master trainer for CEFR and a level 1 English teacher, I definitely see quite a few differences in the syllabus. However it is, PHONICS IS IMPORTANT!

Here are my Top 5 phonics apps to be used at home and in schools too.

a) This app is just not just a spelling app but it is also awesome phonics spelling app with superb animations.
b) Another amazing thing is the fact that it is a FULL VERSION WITH NO ADDS.

Very interactive drag and drop surface 

There are a few different sets of practice!!

a) This app provides the opportunity for pupils to learn the vocabulary first before playing the games.
b) This also comes with many different activities with the drag and drop interface.
b) It comes in the full version but there are adds.

The different types of activities

Eg: The learning activity that helps with the sounds and spelling

a) This app is an amazing at guiding the kids to sound and blend at different speed.
b) There are no adds, but it is NOT THE FULL VERSION. However, the free version is quite sufficient in terms of focusing on blending sounds.

a) This app is quite different than the others as it comes in the form of word search.
b) There are adds but not that many & it is also NOT the full version but the LITE VERSION is very good indeed.

Different kinds of sounds

Kids can say the word together.

a) This app comes with very simple interface. Although there are very few cute animations, but it gets directly to the point of identifying the initial sounds. 
b) It also comes with the learning phase first.
b) It is the full version but it comes with ADDS.

Different levels for the game

From the easiest level...

to the difficult ones.

Have fun teachers!!!!!