Friday 15 September 2017

Unit 13: I See Numbers! (Week 2)


1. Introduce number 21-30 in number and word forms.
(Can be in digital flashcards or the written ones)

2. Let the kids practice with the 'Roll & Spell' task sheet.
(I love using this format because the pupils can manage themselves with the activity)


1. Get the kids to bring their own small calendar or you can use a big calendar in anchor chart form and introduce the different days in the months.

2. Let the kids figure out the August task sheet!
(Individual task sheets but they can discuss with their group members)


1. Ask the kids if they know of any important dates involving festivals or celebrations.

2. Introduce the writing pattern that you want the kids to master for the day.
(I focus on writing one paragraph)

3. Let the kids cut the dotted lines and paste the Emoji Writing Printable in their long book or any coloured paper before they start to write. Write behind each tab.

 Teacher's sample of Emoji foldable writing

Emoji Foldable printable template


1. Introduce the grammar articles via a customised note by

2. Let the kids fold and paste the Article Foldable before they start to answer.

Article Foldable (Brochure page 1)

Article Foldable (Brochure page 2)

Article Foldable (Teacher's sample)

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